Ten Things To Consider


Your wedding is, first and foremost, about both of you: your feelings, your individual levels of religion/spirituality, and what you want to say to each other on your special day.


Do you wish to have one officiant for your ceremony or two, one representing each of your faiths?

(i.e. a Rabbi and Priest, or an Interfaith Minister, Imam, Pundit etc.)


What do you want your ceremony to say: to your family, to your guests and to each other?


Do you wish to add cultural wedding customs or traditions to the ceremony? Ask your mothers or grandmothers for ideas. 


Understand that even when you ask others for guidance and advice, the ultimate decision is YOURS.


Speak up, ask questions of each other, of us as clergy and of all those involved in your special day.


Are you planning to have children? How would you bring them up? In which religion, or both (if this is an Interfaith marriage)?


Little known fact: Interfaith couples pay more attention to how things will be done in planning their lives together, and how each religion will be honored, than couples who share the same beliefs. 


Your wedding day should be the most fun you have together as a couple! (up to that moment!!)


REMEMBER- never instead of, always in addition to. 

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