Baby Namings And Blessings

One of the most wonderful events that we offer is a Baby Naming Ceremony for the children of couples we have married and some we are meeting for the first time. This ceremony helps to bring the families of the child and larger community of family and friends together in a way that nothing else can. Our ceremonies can be all Jewish, all Christian, as well as Interfaith, earth based, any other religion, or no specific religion at all. Each ceremony

is created individually, taking into account the wishes of the parents and their respective Faiths.

A beautiful example of what we have created for this special moment in the lives of

interfaith parents and their new child is what we call an Interfaith “Brisening”©,

which is a combination of a Jewish "Naming Ceremony" and a  Christian 

                                    "Baptism To The World." 

Baby Shelby at her baby blessing
Baby Shanti at her baby blessing

Once the mother has recovered her strength after

   the birth, we do a ceremony in which the child

    is given a Hebrew name and welcomed into the

      covenant of Israel. (If it is a boy he would be

       circumcised beforehand by a pediatric surgeon

         in a Hospital.) Then, to honor the Interfaith side 

         of the family, he or she is Baptized To The World, and 

       then the baby is presented to family and friends. At that 

    point a few drops of water are placed on his or her head as a sign

  that it is the child who has blessed all of us. Other children in the family are also honored  at these ceremonies.

     This ceremony is a beautiful welcome of a child to his or her family, extended family and friends. Also, in order to commemorate this special day a Baby-Naming Certificate is given.

© 2016 by Loving Hearts Ceremonies. 

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