Ritual At Loving Hearts Ceremonies

 Ritual means creating or following certain rites which are the sacred, customary ways of celebrating a religion or culture. Rites of passage, great achievements, new beginnings and graduations are some examples of types of ritual occasions.


We also call the ceremony itself a ritual. 


The rituals that we perform at Loving Hearts Ceremonies include Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Pet Blessings, House Blessings, Funerals and Memorial Services. 

Golden Star Of David Jewish on Hebrew script

Bar/Bat Mitzvah - In Judaism, the ritual and celebration at age 13, when boys become bar mitzvah and girls become bat mitzvah, is the moment when they are considered an adult member of the Jewish community in general, and also of their own Jewish family. Rabbi Ross lovingly shepherds each student through the required studies of a portion of the Torah and helps them to understand the meaning of that portion to be read and explained in front of a congregation. It is one of the most joyous times in the lives of the children, the individual family members and the greater community of which they are a part.

Pets and animals ready for blessing

Animal Blessings - We are all connected in some way to animals in our lives; family pets, farm animals, birds and creatures in the yard or even a stable of horses. We are delighted to do animal blessings wherever they are called to. They have performed blessings in homes, churches, fields, stables and even in back-yards. Their belief is that animals, like all creatures of the Divine, deserve to be blessed in their lives.

A house ready for a house blessing

House Blessings - House Blessings occur when someone has moved into a new place to live; be it a house, apartment, vacation home, yurt, teepee or even a tree house. We are no strangers to blessing abodes. This is a truly joyous occasion and can be celebrated by family and friends or quietly, by just the immediate family. It is their joy to make this happen and to wish blessings and peace for the new space and all beings who will live there.


 Memorials/Funerals - The funeral and/or memorial is one of the most important elements of a person's final ritual, whether you are planning for a loved one or even yourself.


Whether it is a Funeral, (held when the body is present,) or a Memorial Service, (held later, after the death,) this kind of ritual provides a sense of closure to family and friends. Although your faith and culture may dictate some elements of the service, other parts can be personalized to the one who has passed.

Candles at memorials and / or funerals.

 As baby boomers age and find themselves having to plan funerals or memorials for loved ones and/or themselves, they are making choices based on values that are different than previous generations. Boomers see these services as a valuable part of the grieving process and are seeking ways to make them meaningful.


Separately or together, we help families personalize the funeral or memorial service, so that the ritual itself becomes more meaningful. They offer ideas and are open to family suggestions and creativity. Their compassion and spirituality makes this challenging task less arduous and opens the door to healing. 

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